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01 October 2010 @ 03:23 pm

22 July 2009 @ 06:23 pm
4TH CONCERT: Sunday, February 1, 2009 - The 7PM show - the special V.I.P moment at the end

This is it, this is the last concert! Like the other entries, it's really lengthy but I forgot my 4th concert notes in Cali so any more details I need to add about that I'll edit in later. If anything, if you just want to read something that was super completely different than the other concerts than I hope you will at least read the part I put in the quote box. It was the most special moment out of all the concerts I've seen! really memorable! *O*

read towards the end? special spontaneous moment!Collapse )
3RD CONCERT: Sunday, February 1, 2009 - The 3PM show

Once again, we woke up early and with a new added schedule for the day! On the previous day, Susana told me that for those who wanted, the tour guide had offered to take us on an extra outing. And so of course we took her up on it because the places she mentioned was like..FILA and CD stores..basically anything Big Bang related. xD

The only day I tried to film a fancam...and I fail....badly.Collapse )
2ND CONCERT DAY: Saturday, January 31, 2009 - the day of the 6PM concert

 Look Ma! No...heads? O_oCollapse )
I can't get my Korea pics from my laptop until my new ac adapter comes in (hopefully soon! ;o;), so I'm fast-forwarding to after the 3pm show but before the 7pm show, our 'intermission' for those who were waiting for the last show to start - cos' I have pictures for that! I might as well have made this account on it's own since when I write..it gets to be too much in one entry. @_@"

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30 May 2009 @ 02:30 am

I got day one done! Finally! It's pretty lengthy and yet I'm not satisfied with how I wrote this at all. I don't feel like editing it, at least not right now. Maybe later. (because someone I know wants to read it but she can't access LJ, but if she reads it, I'll prolly tone it down a bit..lol) It is what it is. *shrug* So my apologizes in advance for all the filler cussing. Especially when I'm all "V.I.P are bitches! etc." YEAH, I SAID IT. lol. You'll just have to read to see what I mean by that. But no worries, I just encountered the ugly side of the fandom. The next days though, I got to meet more of the nicer, sweeter Big Bang fans that helped to restore my faith in V.I.P..lol. XD<3 I'll always have mad love for V.I.Ps for being so passionate about Big Bang. But then there are the few out there who ruin the fun, and who I'd like to show some tough love towards by punching them in the faces! 8D (or as JK & Juju would say, "rub a brick in their fezzes") This is the raw, un-cut account of my experience at the first Big Show concert! Read in moderation! lol

If you do attempt to read this, I'd make use of the Ctrl F feature to just get to whatever you think you'd want to read about..lol.

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29 April 2009 @ 05:32 am
This is just me describing the performances of each song as a whole, and what I thought about it. I'm not really referring to a specific day here unless I say I am. I thought this would be better when I was thinking about how I'm going to talk about all this so I don't have to repeat what I saw for each concert. So, for those other separate concert entries I'll make after this, I'm just focusing about what I felt and saw in detail for those specific concert times and what I was doing at the time without having to describe what each performance looked like, like I do in here.

Actually I wish I was more articulate, because I think I was attempting to give a good review of the performances but there's only so many times you can say something was awesome...and then I just end up like..spazz typing..and then writing ugly and whatevz..and not knowing how to describe stuff anymore. Oh wells, I tried. It felt good to just get my thoughts out there though, no matter how discombobulated they are...

All my Big Show memory entries will be under a cut, so if it seems like I'm sucking out the life of this with every post and seem repetitive to anyone then you can already tell by my by subject titles whether to avoid these or not. Please don't mind me, I just get lost in my own ramblings and nostalgia. =(

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Hey self, apparently, even if you think you were dreaming but was actually really off gallivanting in other countries - life does still go on without you. It doesn't slow down, it doesn't stop, it doesn't even wait for you - it just goes. So stop being a slow poke, okay? 빨리! 빨리!

With that said, the reason I haven't been updating or posting anywhere yet of my Big Show concert experience is because I've been trying to catch up with life - all aspects of it, actually. School, family, friends, etc. Phew. Play time is over! Back to reality. Time to buckle down and take care of business.

By the time I get to finishing writing about everything maybe it'll feel old .. but I hate to leave things hanging..even though I often do that. >_> I will tell you now though... that I will probably never get over this whole trip...so I apologize in advance if I start to be annoying. In my whole life, I've only had about 2 major lasting obsessions - Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and YG Family. SE7EN, 1TYM, and BIGBANG preoccupying most of my brain. Although I listen to and enjoy many many different artists and music/genres, these are the only ones that I've ever 'invested' so much 'love' into (no, love does not equate to money, although money has been spent over said loved people..lol it's SUPPORT! xD). So yeah, going to Korea (is that really halfway across the world?!) to see Big Bang in concertS in the friggin' country of their origin - is a pretty big deal to me. Of course, as to any fan who dreams of attending their favorite artists' concerts. I will probably never have that kind of opportunity ever again in my life, so I will bask in my memories and cling on to every single detail that I can remember. T_T It's not something I want to hide either..because it's something I was and am still excited about..I'm happy to have had this experience and would "shout out to the world" (lolBBplug) about it. LOL. Okay don't read that so dramatically, cos' I just imagined myself singing on a mountain like in the 'Sound Of Music'. xD

I guess I'll start backwards by posting pictures of the "treasures" I brought back from Big Bang Land Korea and Japan. I'm a cheese ball, but even just physically being there to buy these items on the spot...was so cool. >_<"

Please do not take out these images. I know no one will cos' the pictures aren't anything special..lol..but it'd be weird cos' someone might think I got all this stuff for my self..or think I am selling..which I'm not. @_@" Btw, I'm so glad I didn't have a problem going though Customs.

Avast ye matey! The pirate's booty! ..not for the weak hearted or pregnant women, or those suffering from heart burn, indigestion and explosive diarreha... ..wait..what..?Collapse )
25 January 2009 @ 09:38 pm
Sooooo~ this is going to sound completely and out of nowhere...

And, I've wanted to make a 2008 reflection entry before posting this next thing, but that's taking longer than expected... so I'll just post this now as I have some pretty BIG news...>o<;

It looks like 2009 for me, is going to start off with a big..BANG...? :xCollapse )